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Spray Dry Nozzles

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A NEW smarter approach to spray drying with

Click&Dry™ Spray Dry Nozzle

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Does your spray drier need a safety compliance check-up
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Don't risk Spay Dry Nozzle Safety

from the company with over two decades of experience
to the food and processing industry World Wide.

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The Click&Dry™ Mini Series

New Click&Dry™ Compact and Ultra Compact. Small in design
but does not compromise the strength of the Original Click&Dry™ Mini
or the design of the Hi-Flo Drip-Pro™. Designed for new DDD
(Direct Duct Disperser and MSD Drier Retrofit upgrade).

Big things now come in small packages

10 Facts Spray Dry Safety
Compliance and Design

Our intention with this book is to illustrate the risks, responsibilities & opportunities for improvements using nozzles in the field of high pressure spray drying.

  • risks that people may not be aware of until its too late.
  • responsibilities towards acting with information & knowledge.
  • opportunities for quality improvements to help deliver market leading product.
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Reduce build-up and deliver longer run times.

CD Nozzle with internal

Optional SEAL-IN-DISC™ nozzle cap New Pat. Pend. integrated seal groove orifice disc allows the use of a new nozzle cap that omits the O-ring groove. This allows a lower profile nozzle cap that gives you:

  • Greater operating pressures
  • Reduced bearding and  scorched particles contamination
  • Reduced fire risk
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Ensure compliance to pressure and sealing standards!

Hi-Flo Drip-Pro™ Nozzle Check Valve


Spray Dry Nozzle Valve Technology

The new Drip Pro™ Hi-Flo GEN-4 was created to meet the higher productivity demands of the spray dry industry today, not only to meet the demand for higher flow rates, but to also meet the requirements of longer run times. The increased flow was achieved with changing two low cost interchangeable internal components allowing the user to keep the same body as previously used so Upgrading to the new Drip Pro™ Hi-Flo GEN-4 is easy!

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Proud members of

  • aifst
  • diaa
  • fpa
  • nzifst
  • silver fern nz
  • ema
  • ehedg

We say

For decades, both spray drier manufacturers and operators have searched for a better spray nozzle to not only reduce operating costs, but to combat the many problems and risks that come with manual handling of nozzles in high temperature and high pressure environments. The answer is Click&Dry™.

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Does your spray drier need a safety compliance check-up?


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