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OLD Seal in Cap Technology

Old Cap

The cap shown right utilises Old 'Seal in cap' Technology, potentially weaker with product build up traits. Powder formulation and product produced can also greatly contribute to nozzle bearding that occurs. This needs to be reduced & managed to reduce opportunity for fire risk.

NEW Seal-In-Disc™ Technology


Optional SEAL-IN-DISC™ cap utilises the unique Pat. Pend. SEAL-IN-DISC system for the front O-ring seal. This unique arrangement maintains traditional disc/swirl metering geometry, ensuring continuity in spray performance and powder consistency.

The unique compressive axial sealing system, without the complexity of inferior radial seal designs, uses NO BACK UP RINGS and allows maximum pressure retaining strength while overcoming long term operational handling issues. This adds up to GREATER PRESSURE INTEGRITY & SAFER OPERATION. 

We know that leaking nozzles can cause a drier fire, and this is directly related to their ability to reliably seal in their typical operating environment.
Nozzles must be designed to function safely at maximum operating pressures of the drier. Many spray dry nozzles found in use, operate in a highly stressed condition according to ASME B31.3, with stresses exceeding that allowable within these standards!

failed cap nozzles

Nozzle carriers must be designed to function safely at the maximum operating pressure of the drier. These carriers have been over-pressured and on the verge of significant stress yield failure.

Problems with Lance Thread Protection & Thread Galling Reduction

Most spray dry plants currently operate spray lances with readily exposed nozzle hardware seal surfaces at their end which are regularly subject to impact during handling, such impact can compromise sealing efficiency and cause failure.

Eliminate Thread Galling

Eliminate Thread Galling

Low Galling and Heavy Duty Female Threaded Lance

Low Gall Stainless Construction reduces possibility of thread bind on continual use/change-out driers.Thread Protection System unique to unique to Click&Dry™ introduces user friendly thread style in a Female Threaded Nozzle Body that significantly reduces compressive sealing face damage during nozzle and lance handling procedures.

Heavy Duty Female threaded lance

Multiple seal gland surface damage

A long standing problem inherent in traditional spray dry nozzle designs is the ability to be incorrectly assemble the nozzle.

assembly-logicRegular wear parts and other components can be easily installed upside down or can become dislodged and misaligned during tightening. This a significant problem for quality and potential leakage. Nozzle assembly spray testing prior to live drier lance installation is highly recommended.

CLICK&DRY™ System is fully pre-assembled with wear parts securely threaded and torqued in place so they will not be distrubed during and after testing.This ensures the successfully tested assembly will spray in the drier as tested.

Assembly Logic : Prevents incorrect assembly, potential leakage & allows ease of assembly. This is a critical design feature for fool-proof operation.


CLICK&DRY™, as well as delivering greater wear part concentricity, eliminates misalignment of wear parts during assembly (Easy Out Armour Clasp model). It also acts as a simple parts remover, removing the need for unnecessary force or press tools acting directly on fragile & costly wear parts. This greatly reduces, if not eliminates, wear part damage. Test pressures between all drier lance sets will achieve a greater balance, delivering more even performance between nozzles.

Press Tool

Multi Tool for assembly

Easy Out Key

The Drip Pro™ Hi-Flo GEN-3 Check Valve in conjunction with BETE Thick Swirl technology, is a NEW heavy duty design that will not only continue to reduce the drips which contribute to scorched particles, but is able to run in the most demanding environments for longer time periods. Poor Nozzle Condition is dangerous That’s why it’s never a better time than NOW to upgrade to Drip Pro® Hi-Flo GEN-3.
CLICK&DRY™ introduces safer cap designs to help reduce product build up & scorched particle contamination of powder. In many applications this build up may be due to drier configuration & the use of wider spray angles. Powder formulation & product produced can also greatly contribute to nozzle bearding which increases drier fire risk.


With the seal-in-disc orifice disc Pat. Pend. system, the need for an O-ring groove within the cap is eliminated. This provides a lower outer face profile greatly reducing bearding (build up).

More options from the one system

Click&Dry™ is now available with two new clasp options for swirl & orifice concentricity, giving you improved product quality & safety.

Short Mini




Clasp Technology improves Quality & Safety

From one innovative safe nozzle body design, you now have the freedom to choose from multiple cap designs, swirl / orifice technology, new Easy Out Armour Clasp technology, directly targeting powder quality via the only truly concentric wear part system in the market. All of this incorporating the world’s most innovative Drip-Pro™ Hi-Flo Check Valve system available with multiple replaceable soft seal seats. TC Armour™ total wear protection is retrofit to all CLICK&DRY™ maxi hardware.


The clasp system also works as a convenient extraction tool, reducing breakage of precision components during cleaning & assembly.
Optional extras available include nozzle assembly tools, help reduce premature swirl / orifice damage

  • Soft handling baskets to ensure components are stored and transported safely
  • Nozzle Protection Bumpers which reduce installation damage
  •  Custom C.I.P Cap Adapters
  •  Laminated work area users guides available on request.


Spray Pattern

Hollow Cone Spray Pattern, via in-line Thick Swirl & orifice disc.

Flow Rates

Standard flow rates 35.3 to 5,970ℓ/hr.

Spray Angles

Standard Spray angles 50°, 55°, 60°, 65°, 70°, 75°, 80°.


Standard materials, low thread gall stainless, viton O-rings and tungsten carbide swirl/orifice combination.

Other Options

Hardware options available to meet ASME B31.3. pressure piping codes, exceeding that of nonconforming conventional radial seal design commonly used.

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