Piping Code Compliance

ASME B31.3 – A World Wide Pressure Code

About ASME B31.3

ASME B31.3

ASME B31.3 pressure piping standard dictates maximum allowable stresses within the material of the nozzle and associated pipe along with margins of safety. Research within our market found a generic form of nozzle design has been in common use for many years, from a number of different sources with most using radial seals and very similar hardware geometry. It was also determined through analysis in this research that a large proportion of such equipment reviewed may operate far in excess of industry accepted stress and pressure limits as dictated by these standards.


Click&Dry™ System is safer


Click&Dry™ components are designed around important pressure related standards such as ASME B31.3. These standards are dedicated to safe operation of pressure systems and provide safety margins that exceed those in current use based upon the yield stress and other important factors.

Strict pressure code compliance may have already been adopted on your plant pipe work, but did this also extend to the nozzles welded to this very pipe work? The CLICK&DRY™ Nozzle system is shown to be a fully compliant design meeting ASME B31.3 pressure stress requirements. CLICK&DRY™ was developed to function within a range of operational safety factors, with reduced wear, which far exceed that of other competitive equipment in the field. In many driers today, much of the nozzle hardware in use is of an age that far exceeds its recommended fatigue cycles & exist in a worn condition, which heightens risk of failure.

Industries working with pressure systems & vessels, typically stipulate a safety factor based upon the yield stress of materials in use. Operating below ‘two times’ the safety factor requires a thorough understanding of your fatigue cycles; operating below a factor of ‘one’ ensures imminent failure based upon known engineering protocol & material properties. Such a condition must be addressed.


Nozzle caps must be designed to function safely at the maximum operating pressure of the drier. These caps have been over-pressured and on the verge of significant stress yield failure.


Nozzle caps are required to be designed to function safely at the maximum operating pressure of the drier. These caps (above) were non ASME compliant at the required operating pressure. As a result, they have suffered significant yield stress failure, the result of which could be catastrophic.

Nozzles are required to be designed to function safely at maximum operating pressures of the drier. Many spray dry nozzles found in use, operate in a highly stressed condition with reference to standards such as ASME B31.3 & others, with stresses exceeding that allowable within these standards, greatly increasing opportunity for failure. The image below on the left depict stress concentrations on a common generic type nozzle in use. Red shaded areas show around 8 times allowable stress. CLICK&DRY™ above right depicts stress concentrations well within the allowable stress of the material.

CLICK&DRY™ nozzle hardware is designed with safety factors approaching 2 & above, in keeping with ASME B31.3.