Tools and Accessories

Extraction Tool

No carbide contact extraction tool for nozzles that are heavily soiled during operation. Adhered wear parts can be removed with a simple twist with no damage to expensive carbide parts allowing your parts to run natural cycles rather than prematurely break

Orifice Gauge

Our approach to Spray Drying is simple “help our customers monitor and reduce wear” we have monitoring tools such as orifice gauges and training guides to suit all dryer types and sizes.

Push Removal Tool

This press tool with soft aluminium pin helps loosen parts on low adhesion applications only. Designed for Push Fit Retainer Caps.

Swirl Removal Key Tool

The swirl removal tool is the key to stopping precious wear part impact damage which can lead to costly wear part damage and possible fractures under high operating pressures. (CCT Clasp use only)

Soft Handling Basket

Use the PTFE lined soft handling basket to avoid impact damage and ensure components are properly carried, cleaned and inspected for defects. Custom basket sizes available.

Multi-tool Spanner

The CLICK&DRY™ Multi-tool is our entry level separation tool, can also be used for other disassembly functions for check valve.


Our range of 1 or 2-handed wrenches allows cap tightening or removal with gloves during high pressure lance changes.